Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Party Of No

... no rainbow unicorns, that is.

Surfing around the Interweb tubes, soaking up the excuses for the cataclysmic disaster that is Obamacare, I've come across three general classes of whining.

1. It hasn't been implemented yet. Err, well, yes it has. That's what a roll-out is. It's the start of implementation. Saying that it hasn't been implemented because it crashed and burned upon release is like saying you didn't give our new car a chance, we'd have put the fires out eventually and besides, you don't really need all that molten upholstery on the inside anyway.

2. It was all your idea anyway. This is the position of our favorite little fascist "thinker," Robert Reich. Like the equally demented Paul Krugman, Robert is closer to a minister of propaganda than he is to anything else. From the comments in that post, it's clear Robbie has plenty of cannon fodder in the Obama Youth* to back him up.

3. OK, smartypants, what's your plan? This is the most common and my own personal favorite. It's the "Party of No" accusation. Having failed to deliver on their promises of rainbow unicorns through Obamacare, they now demand that opponents come up with a plan to deliver rainbow unicorns. It doesn't seem to occur to them that, their deepest wishes aside, there aren't going to be any rainbow unicorns. Ever.
But I want one! I want it, I Want It, I WANT IT!
* - It's worth nothing that the term, Obama Youth is used quite loosely. As the Youth discover how ferociously Obamacare screws them, the demographics of the Obama Youth is going to become much, much less youthful.

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Doo Doo Econ said...

Big government loves rainbow unicorns because we all know you "gotta make it rain" before the rainbows can materialize!