Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Little On The Obamacare Website Fiasco

In my time, I've done a bit of coding and some software team management. Looking through the problems on the Obamacare website and hearing horror stories from the insurance companies that own the systems fed by that monstrosity, all I can think is that the site is months away from being even vaguely usable. Probably many, many months.

In my experience, problems with browser versions (I'm looking at you, Internet Explorer!) are the kind of thing that would take a week or three to fix. Massive architectural failures, user account creation disasters and passing untrustworthy data to downstream servers aren't things you can fix over a weekend shutdown.

No biggie. We'll have this cleaned up in half an hour, tops.
These Ivy League faculty lounge ideas never seem to work quite right in the real world.

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