Tuesday, October 08, 2013

So The Obamacare Website Is A Train Wreck. So What?

If the latest iPhone burst into flames the first time you used it, AAPL would tank.

If Google's new search returned wombat photos for every search term, everyone would move to Bing.

If the new version of Microsoft Outlook was a horrid mess, corporations would still buy it because they're run by dinosaurs who don't know any better, but normal humans would move to gmail.

So Obamacare's website is hopelessly screwed up on launch. Almost no one can get through to create a user name and password and if they do, the login credentials don't work. So the techies have found monster architectural errors as servers pass huge numbers of files between each other for every click of the mouse. So what?

Seriously, what's going to happen to the government because it failed miserably?

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