Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Amazing Own Goal

I've always wondered if something like this could happen. That it happened to that wretched brute, Martin Skrtel, is icing on the cake.


Tots said...

Although I am obnoxiously fat now, I was once a good soccer player. I was a bit slow as I was probably still around 225 or so when I was playing in high school but my folks paid to let me go to a Brittania soccer camp for two years. I had to opportunity to be trained by British pro players who came to the States for the camps.

In addition to learning excellent drills and the ability to study angles and use them to my advantage, two things I distinctly remember.

Number 1, us Yanks are very flat-footed in our sports. We tend to be in a ready position on our heels. When it is time to react we have to shift our body weight from our heels to our toes to move. We had COUNTLESS drills to break us of that habit.

Number two (huhuhuhuhuh <-- Butthead laugh), We learned to PROTECT when we had our feet spread. The Brits would come and pass to each other between our legs. Not only was it humiliating we had to do ten push ups each time they did it.

I loved at the end of the camp where we scrimmaged the Brits and I passed between one of their legs and made him do ten push ups in the middle of the scrimmage.

Man, I loved playing soccer.

K T Cat said...

Great comment, amigo. Now get out there and take a walk. You're too cool of a guy to carry around the extra tonnage.