Sunday, February 24, 2013

This Is No Way To Train A Dog

... but it's a swell way to train our fellow citizens!

We're good friends with a couple, let's call them the Wilsons, both of whom are active in the Church. They're both as liberal as liberal can be. If you ever wanted to meet the kind of Catholics who would have been marching in the streets of Buenos Aires in support of Juan Peron, this pair is it. They supported the California ban on the death penalty because they want to be pro-life, but also supported Barack "It's OK To Kill As Many Babies As Possible" Obama. They are dyed-in-the-wool progressives.

The Wilson's daughter goes to a demanding Catholic high school. The Wilsons are excellent parents. They have high expectations, are lavish in the support and praise of their daughter, and consistent with their punishments. The young lady's learning cycle has always looked like this.

The Wilsons provide their daughter with a safe training ground for the real world.
Like good progressives, the Wilsons demand Social Justice for everyone outside of their family. Lots and lots of government support. Plenty of tolerance. Lots of mercy. Endless cataracts of government dollars slathered on every conceivable problem. Amnesty for all immigrants. For the American people at large, here's the learning cycle they want.

The Wilsons are big on "compassion".
The great irony of people like the Wilsons is that they completely understand how utterly destructive the rescue cycle would be to their daughter, but they can't bring themselves to see the results of applied Social Justice in society at large. They actively support a national decision cycle they wouldn't use to train a dog. They ignore the results - the wave of murders in Chicago is a marker of societal collapse, not a consequence of guns - and possess an unshakable belief in progressive social policies.

Talk about faith-based initiatives.

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