Friday, February 01, 2013

If This Is Racist, Then I Want Some Of That Racism Directed At Me

I could watch this over and over.

What a beautiful and loving celebration of the Jamaicans. Everything is friendly and kind and in the end, because the guy acts like the Hollywood stereotype of a Jamaican, things turn out great.

If some people feel this is racist and want it taken down, I would be happy to volunteer my ethnic heritage and religion for the next VW commercial. I'd watch it every time I got down and it would make me get happy.

H/T: Hot Air.

Update: Over at Hot Air, there's an excerpt from a Jamaican (probably the vast majority) who gets it.
I am a Jamaican who thinks this ad is so funny, just can’t see what the controversy is all about. Funny thing though it’s not Jamaicans who think this add is offensive, but people who propose to think for us.

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