Tuesday, February 12, 2013

There Can't Be A Budget Debate If There's No Budget To Debate

In a clarifying development, members of our family will be directly and negatively affected by the upcoming sequester wherein Federal spending will be cut. We'll survive and we're not complaining about it. If this is what it takes to slow down the looting of the next generation by the progressives, so be it.

What gets me is not the sequester, but the language of the conversation about it. If you read the press, where they try to be very even-handed when the progressives are shafting everyone or acting out of ignorance and incompetence, this is all about a "budget debate" where "both sides refuse to give in."


How can you have a budget debate with no budget? There's been no budget submission by the Obama White House as is required by law and the Democrat-controlled Senate hasn't passed a budget in four years. The only budget produced in that time was the one by the Paul Ryan-led House of Representatives. It's not a debate if one side's position is to simply blow off the whole conversation.

Looking at the effects sequestration will have on those affected in our clan, it's not the loss of money that's the problem, it's the uncertainty. How can you plan when you have no idea what the future will hold? The whole point of the budget is not to provide endless cataracts of cash, but to provide a foundation for decisions. I don't see that aspect being discussed anywhere in the media and it's the most important part.

If I were the House Republicans, I would have but one demand: that this creep and his cronies pass a budget. That's it. Nothing else. No debt ceiling increases, no sequestration talks, no immigration reform and no gun control until the Senate produces a budget. Then we can have a genuine debate.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Amen. The senate has failed in its fiduciary and constitutional duty to the People of the United States, by failing to pass a budget for the last four years. The uncertainty is worse for the economy than a clear but horribly unbalanced budget.

Congress talks about government being run more like a business. Try to imagine the actions the stock holders and Board of Directors would take if those responsible for a business failed to provide a budget for even 1 year, let alone 4.

Anonymous said...

You betcha!!! I don't understand why that is so hard for Republicans to understand. That is what the Tea Party is for, and they are called "extremists". It's time for congress to GROW UP and do their jobs. WHERE IS THE BUDGET??? We should all be demanding this.