Sunday, December 09, 2012

Somebody Needs To Go To Jail Over This

For those of you who don't normally follow English Premier League (EPL) soccer, two teams that regularly fight it out of the championship are Manchester United and Manchester City. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham may be up at the top of the standings depending on the particular year, but ManU and City are the two heavyweights.

EPL teams play each other twice a year. That means there are two times each season when you can catch the ultimate matchup of ManU v. City. This weekend was one of those games. doesn't show all EPL games live. Some games, often the big ones, are available on demand the next day. Since I don't live in England, I can watch these games on delay as if they were live, not knowing the outcome. The ManU v. City game was played this morning, but will be available starting at 9PM tonight here in San Diego (midnight Eastern Time).

Topic shift.

I don't know if you've encountered them, but as I surf the web these days, I'm getting more and more ads directed right at me. Clearly, the sites are reading my cookies and browser history and are rotating in ads that match what I look at. I get lots of ads for Adobe Creative Suite and Moss Motors British car parts.

Today, I was clicking around a financial site when one of those little scroll-up boxes slithered into view in the lower right-hand corner of my screen. "Things You Need To Know" was the title. I glanced at it. It had a teeny thumbnail from a soccer game and the caption, "Manchester United stuns rivals Manchester City on last second free kick!"


I wish I'd clicked on it so I could remember for all time who did this and add them into my rotation of regular diatribes, the swine.

The pigs who did this should be Gulag-bound.


tim eisele said...

I think the big problem with advertising people is that they aren't nearly as smart as they think they are. They can's seem to comprehend that it isn't enough to make people merely *remember* your name. You have to do it without making people *hate* that name.

Captain Fatty said...

Hello Cat,

Just a little quibble if I may? Man City, though a "big" team in the history of the game, does not regularly fight it out with Man U or anyone else for that matter. In the 20 years of the EPL they have only won once, last season. Before that the highest they achieved was third (once) and fifth (once). They won the old first division title (pre-EPL) twice, in the thirties and then again in the sixties. And have been relegated from the EPL twice for a total of four seasons out. City have a big reputation but have never lived up to that reputation. What you are seeing now (in the last two seasons) is the result of Arab money - a bit like the effect of Abramovich's money with Chelski.

Cheers, you crazy Toons,
Captain Fatty

K T Cat said...

Captain Fatty, what a delightfully enlightening comment! Thanks for stopping by and leaving this bit of EPL historocity. Historicity? Hystericalosciousness?

Yes, well, whatever the case may be, thanks. As a newbie to the game, I appreciate it. Come back any time.