Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Trillion Slips Of Paper On The Wall, A Trillion Slips Of Paper ...

... take one down, pass it around, there's still a trillion there.

That's because the Fed will endlessly create monies for everyone! Yay!
WASHINGTON—The Federal Reserve refashioned its bond-buying programs on Wednesday, extending its far-reaching effort to revitalize the jobs market and boost the economic recovery into 2013...

The central bank's policy committee, in its final meeting of the year, said Wednesday it would "initially" begin buying $45 billion of long-term Treasury bonds each month.
$45B of Treasuries plus the $40B of mortgage-backed securities is $85B per month which works out to a little over one trillion dollars a year.

Just because printing wads of money and handing it to the government has never worked anywhere at any time is no reason to think that the Fed is acting in blind panic and the ignorant fascists in the White House are totally clueless.

Nope, it's all good.

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