Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We cruised Lake Nacimiento in a variety of watercraft over the last week. Yesterday we had a pontoon boat and were doing some fishing. On the way to a certain spot, we found a colony of swallows who had built a bunch of mud nests in the overhang of a cliff. It was way cool. The video is in 720p, so you might want to increase the resolution and watch it in HD. Enjoy.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Cool. There are some swallows nesting the eaves of my neighbors house. My daughter and I found an egg on the ground: tiny with brown speckles.

Tim Eisele said...

You know, looking at that mass of swallow nests tuck to the rocks, it occurs to me that in some ways swallows are kind of like really, really big mud dauber wasps.

lee said...

One year, when I used to live in Marin, swallows nested St the entrance to Target. It was very cool, but until they put up an awning below them, you needed an umbrella to enter the store. After the swallows decamped, they put up netting to keep them from nesting there again. Which was kind of a bummer, but I certainly understand why.