Friday, June 15, 2012

A Euro 2012 Hypothesis

Hypothesis: The farther south a nation is in Europe, the more flopping their players will do in the Euro 2012 matches.

Proof: Yesterday, we watched Denmark-Portugal and Germany-Netherlands. Players from the northern teams soldiered on bravely while the Portuguese put on a cheap dinner theater melodrama, contorting their faces in pain and falling to the ground clutching a limb every time someone so much as breathed on them.

As you watch the games, see if you agree.

Italians are experts in the arts of diving, flopping and faking.


Tim Eisele said...

Well, obviously, the Northern teams have either trained themselves to give lightning-quick rabbit punches that are too fast to be seen on camera, or to swat down their opponents with THE SHEER POWER OF THEIR WILL!

K T Cat said...

Hmm. Nietzsche was northern European, wasn't he? And didn't he emphasize the will to power or something like that?

Your idea works except for the Irish. The Irish can't manage to do a bloody thing.


Tots said...

Dude, when I played soccer (Football everywhere else in the world) I would have been ashamed to "Flop" like these guys.

It's no wonder so many people continue to make fun of soccer. They need to grow some 'nads and play on!