Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Klipsch One Headphones And The Monkees

For Fathers Day, the kids got me a pair of Klipsch One headphones. They are awesome. I attached them to my Droid 2 and listened to a couple of tracks from Monkees Live 1967. It was like I'd never heard the CD before. The sound was incredibly rich to the point where I could pick out individual notes and chords over the screaming of the fans.

Live 67 isn't anyone's idea of great recording quality. Played on a good stereo system, it sounds like a garage band washed away by a lousy sound system and gallons of white noise from screaming fans. Heard with the Klipsch One, it sounds like a pretty decent live act for that era.

If these headphones can make Live 67 sound good, imagine what they can do for properly recorded music.

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