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The Pre-Post-Racial President

I'd like to suggest that there is a silver lining in the Van Jones / Professor Gates / Rev. Wright / etc. affairs. I would hope that at the end of four years of this, we'll finally be emerging into post-racial America.

First off, there is no reason to expect this kind of thing to end. The President and his team have marinated in the racial grievance culture forever. Van Jones isn't an isolated case; he's completely within the standard profile of Obama's friends - wealthy, educated, priveleged and angry. Rev. Wright, for example, retired to a three-story mansion on a golf course following a career of screaming about racism. A black president, governor, mayor and Harvard professor screamed about a white beat cop's behavior illustrating racism in America. And the beat goes on.

No matter how much the MSM tries to cover these up - they didn't cover Van Jones until he voila! was resigning - you'd have to expect the public to get tired of this. As Obama's poll numbers continue to slide, his supporters' natural tendency to see racism in every event will lead to total racism exhaustion in the populace. That, in turn will lead to a new version of Godwin's Law (or is this a corollary?): When you compare your opponents to the Nazis, you've already lost the debate. The new version will be:

When you claim your opponents are racists, you've already lost the debate.

The number of times politicians on the left cry out, "Racism!" is only going to increase as will the number of racist maniacs unmasked in this Administration. Let's hope that leads to a backlash within the MSM that, in turns, leads to stories about people like this.

Willie DeWayne Clark

Willie was indicted for the murder of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams. I found a couple of bios of Willie on the Internet - here's the best of them. I didn't spend enough time to find out if Willie came from a broken home, but I'm willing to place that bet given his behavior, the tenor of the stories about him and the statistics of the population in general. So let's assume he came from a fatherless home. If he didn't, it would take almost no time at all to find thousands of similar example that did.

Here's how Willie grew up.
Clark was just 12 years old in 1995 when two men shot at him and his friends, took Clark's bike, hit Clark over the head with a gun and shoved him into the trunk of a car.

Clark was dazed as the men drove him around Denver's Montbello neighborhood and dumped him back on the street with a concussion.
No dad read Willie stories at night. No dad played video games with him or threw the football with him in the street. No dad took Willie fishing or taught him to hit baseballs. No dad held him accountable for his grades or taught him table manners or respect for girls or how and why to be honest and brave. No dad protected Willie when he was young and vulnerable. Instead, Willie lived in a world where adult men thought nothing of stuffing 12-year-old boys in the trunks of cars after having pistol-whipped them.

About the time Van Jones was founding the Maoist Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Willie was getting stuffed into the trunk of a car. Van Jones was deeply concerned about police brutality.
The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights grew out of Bay Area PoliceWatch, a small initiative founded in 1995 as a hotline for victims of police brutality. The hotline was based in a closet-sized office donated by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.[16] The need for assistance was great, so Bay Area PoliceWatch quickly outgrew the space and Van Jones officially launched the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights on September 1, 1996.
He wasn't much concerned about Willie's father. While the Ella Baker Center waxed fat and prosperous, Willie's descent into hell continued unabated. Willie lived the Ella Baker dream - he committed numerous crimes, but spent little time incarcerated.
(In 1999 at age 16) Clark was on the other side of crime, charged with obstructing police and filing a false report in the first of his eight adult arrests.

Despite the volume of arrests, Clark never did a long stretch in prison because he gave every appearance of being a low-level misdemeanor criminal. His rap sheet is littered with small-time street crimes
Despite following Van Jones' prescriptions for a better life, Willie persisted in the kind of behavior one would expect of a child growing up without a father.
Clark did not finish the 12th grade and held odd jobs over the years such as delivering newspapers, cutting lawns and working in a grocery warehouse.

He fathered a baby girl in May 2003, according to letters he wrote to the court in his car-theft case.
Eventually, Willie, totally bereft of any moral compass, the perfect example of moral equivalence and the apex of the do-your-own-thing-if-it-feels-good culture, ended up indicted for the shooting of Darrent Williams.

All through Willie's life, when he needed a man in his life to support and guide him, Van Jones and Rev. Wright and Fr. Pfleger and Michelle Obama and all of their marvellously erudite coterie were screaming about racism. They organized and rallied and took up collections and wore tailored suits and designer dresses and drove nice cars and retired into mansions on golf courses.

As far as I know, Willie joined a million or so fatherless Willie-clones and ended up in jail.

Eventually, someone's going to publish stories like this in the MSM. They'll be the natural backlash to the endless cries of racism from wealthy racial grievance pimps like Van Jones. And that's when we'll finally see a post-racial America. President Obama will not be the first post-racial president. But nausea with the endless race-baiting done by his supporters will bring it on.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

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