Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Four-legged Flood

Living with Bodie the Wonder Dog is like living with a four-legged flood. He puts everything he can find into his mouth - socks, shoes, wood scraps, rocks, dirt, flowers, pens, pencils, broken glass, bits of pottery - absolutely everything. Consequently we have to keep everything of value well above his reach. It looks like we're preparing for a hurricane or a breach of local levees. Our countertops are covered with things off the floor and the tops of dressers have mounds of dirty clothes since he can reach into most hampers.

Last night, I was hanging up some curtains downstairs while Bodie was scampering about, devouring something or other. I was absent-mindedly throwing the cardboard curtain rod containers into what seemed to be a trash can on the floor. My wife said, "Don't put that in there. That's not a trashcan, that's Bodie's toy bin." I replied, "You're making a rather fine point there, don't you think?"

Bodie the Wonder Flood.


Kelly the little black dog said...

Well you have to understand that dogs see the world through their nose and mouth, not their eyes.

So how do Bodie and KT get along.

K T Cat said...

KT does not like this spaz in her house, but she has him trained. He likes to sniff her, but maintains a respectful distance. She doesn't yet feel comfortable on the floor with him, but enjoys sacking out on the top of her cat tree.

Wollf Howlsatmoon said..., I said "Our", Kitteh is often time soaking wet from Uber the wonder dog's kisses. Well, actually, he picks the Kitteh up and drags him around the house.......

One day, Kitteh is going to discover his claws.....