Thursday, October 04, 2007

All Chicks in Bikinis, all the Time

Here at The Scratching Post, we monitor our SiteMeter hit count closely. We've noticed that one certain post keeps getting hits, despite its age and irrelevance to our topical posting. It's this one. Can you figure out why?

Of course. It's the picture of chicks in bikinis. We're getting a ton of hits from Google's image search probably by men surfing around for images of chicks in bikinis. Well, men and Janet Reno, but that's OK. All we want are blog hits.

Because I don't care about anything but blog hits, I've decided to post nothing but images of cute girls in swim suits from now on. Here's the first one and she's wearing a fur swimsuit. Rowr!

Rowr, indeed.

For more scandalous photos like this, check out this week's Friday Ark and Carnival of the Cats.


Anonymous said...

A pretty grrrrl is like a melody . . . :-)

Unknown said...

That's gotta be the best dressed lady I've seen in a long time!! Rowr!

Siani said...

That girl's a real stunner in her fur bikini. And she doesn't have to worry about trimming her bikini line either, lucky girl. Have a great weekend!

mog said...

What bikini? That girl's nekked, just very hairy and very cute btw. :)