Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Trangendered Statues

Just a quick thought extending yesterday's rant which posited that defending individual characters from history is a fool's errand. 

Short version: Instead of fighting the war, you're signing up to fight a hopeless number of individual battles. Bishop Barron made a good case for Father Damien because Father Damien helped lepers. What case could he make for St Augustine who was a Catholic theologian? The Social Justice maniacs don't care a whit for theology. We'll lose the St. Augustine fight every time.

Fight The War, Not 1000 Battles

Using one of my least favorite characters from history, Jefferson Davis grew up in a culture with a 6000 year history of slavery. Old Jeff didn't invent the thing, he just went along with it.

The modern Social Justice crazy did not grow up in a culture where adolescents were given poisonous levels of sex hormones if they claimed to be the opposite sex. The SJWs really did invent that one. They're not just being carried along with a current of malignant thought, they are the originators of the malignant thought.

Ergo, the SJWs are worse than Jefferson Davis. We'd be idiots to adopt their moral point of view.

No. Just no.

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