Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pavlov Gets Cannon Hinnant Wrong

If you don't know, Cannon Hinnant was a 5-year-old white kid living in Wilson, North Carolina who was shot and killed, execution style, in broad daylight, by a black neighbor.

Get the picture?

My latest podcast crush, Matt Walsh, first alerted me to this tragedy. He went on the now-reflexive conservative rant of "what if the races were reversed." Lots of right wing commentators joined in the fun. The bell was rung and the salivation began.

Stop it. Stop it now. Left to our own devices, using our philosophy of color-blind individualism, we'd never look at this through a racial lens. It's the story of a mentally ill man who murdered a boy. That's all this is. It's horrible from every angle. At some point in the future, Darius Sessoms may recover his sanity and reengage his conscience. Who would want to walk in his shoes when that happens?

Both Darius and Cannon are children of God and He doesn't care about their skin colors. If He doesn't, we shouldn't.

The commentators fell into this trap because they have allowed themselves to be trained like dogs by the left wing news media and education industry. To the modern left, everything is racial social justice.

Weil es untrennbar mit der sozialen Idee verbunden zu sein scheint und wir nicht glauben, dass es jemals einen Staat mit dauerhafter innerer Gesundheit geben könnte, wenn er nicht auf innerer sozialer Gerechtigkeit beruht, und deshalb haben wir uns mit diesem Wissen zusammengeschlossen.*

The Left has created and pushed this race-based moral framework. In it, everything, everywhere, at all times is first measured in racial terms. And what do we do? We adopt it.

Matt's tirade wasn't aimed at the people we care about, the everyman. Instead, it was aimed at the people who hate us, the Elites. "You're hypocrites!" he shouted. No, no, no.

The guy who sits behind me at work is black. He's a great fellow. Smart, experienced, helpful and kind, he's the salt of the earth. He's the person we should talk to, not Don Lemon or Fredo Cuomo. My friend and the millions like him are just as important as the CNN talking heads. There are millions of everymen and only a few media Nazis.

What does the everyman think and feel when we pump the black-on-white crime stories, no matter what our motivation might be? How do you feel when your race is called out for some horrific crime?

Race is irrelevant. Our common humanity is everything. Jesus told us that. Now we're responding to Don Lemon instead of Jesus? Why?

Get some self-control.  Stop living in the moral universe created by the Nazis and live in your own. Cannon Hinnant was killed by someone whose inner demons took control of him. Without the airwave saturation of the Nazis, would we really be talking about their skin colors?

* - "Because it seems inseparable from the social idea and we do not believe that there could ever exist a state with lasting inner health if it is not built on internal social justice, and so we have joined forces with this knowledge." - Adolf Hitler.


Mostly Nothing said...

Did you see the video of the black neighborhood in Chicago that stopped the BLM rioters from protesting in their neighborhood?

K T Cat said...

Yeah. I loved it. We're Americans, not racial Americans.

Ilíon said...

"Matt's tirade wasn't aimed at the people we care about, the everyman. Instead, it was aimed at the people who hate us, the Elites. "You're hypocrites!" he shouted."

I disagree. Sure, he was telling "the Elites" that they are hypocrites, but he was also telling Everyman that "the Elites" are manipulating them.

K T Cat said...

Ilion, I certainly understand and sympathize with your point. I'm just asking us to take back the direction of the conversation.

Ilíon said...

How are we going to "take back the direction of the conversation" unless Everyman first understands to his core that "the Elites" are not only power-mongering liars and hypocrites, but that they are *actively* working to destroy ... well, everything.