Thursday, August 06, 2020

Genies Don't Like To Go Back Into Their Bottles

Thinking more about the extended George Floyd video where, at least to my eyes, you watch a man suffering a fentanyl and possibly simultaneous meth overdose, the decision to not release that footage to the public was malicious. Had we seen the whole, thing, a great deal of the looting, burning and rioting would never have happened. Relations with the police would not have been harmed nearly as much.

Having said that, the subsequent hysterical, anti-cop reactions in the blue cities did happen. The George Floyd incident gave the progs running those cities an excuse to do what they had wanted to do anyway. It gave them an excuse to let loose their anti-cop bigotries.

That genie is going to be pretty difficult to stuff back in the bottle, particularly now that the cops themselves have seen the video and know it was deliberate and slanderous misrepresentation of police work.


In other news, our dogs are not spoiled.


tim eisele said...

I don't know if releasing it would have helped. I'm not sure if I'm seeing the same bodycam video you are, but what I'm seeing is some aggressive and impatient police officers trying to manhandle a confused and scared man who was maybe incapable of understanding what was going on, and who was probably more in need of medical attention than of being stuffed into a police car.

It isn't a defense to say that he was on drugs, because the police had no way to be sure of that. There are other things that can make a person behave like that (delirium from sickness, insulin shock, psychotic episode, extreme lack of sleep, panic attack, etc.) that are not their fault. This indicates to me that if someone has any sort of mental breakdown, if you call the police they are likely to have no clue what to do and will probably just make things worse.

And I really don't understand why this got made about racism, when it is actually about police being poorly prepared to handle people who are mentally unwell. When it is made into a "racism" thing, then people who aren't in a minority group can delude themselves into thinking that the police will treat them differently. But they won't. The police are likely to do the same to anybody who is, for whatever reason, confused and temporarily irrational. Because they are not trained to handle such situations. And that is what scares the hell out of me.

Mostly Nothing said...

I think I agree with Tim, I don't think this would have helped.

However, this became about racism, because the BLM people here in Minneapolis want it to be about racism. There is an activist here, Nekima Levy Armstrong, that is on a hair trigger to overreact to anything and everything.

A month or so before Floyd, there was a police shooting in St Paul. The facts are:
- the suspect purposely, and without provocation, rammed into a cop car
- the suspect then quickly got out of the car and attacked the cop with a knife and was on top of the cop before he had even gotten fully out of the car.
- the cop reacted shot his attacker

It was a classic case of suicide by cop. She was out there before the tow truck denouncing everything, without knowing any facts. She had to stop yelling about it quickly when the facts came out, but never acknowledged the facts.