Sunday, December 17, 2017

What's Next, A Game Show?

I saw this and I still don't believe it.

Next up on NBC, "Let's Make A Diversity Deal" where contestants attempt to assemble the most diverse team to accomplish mundane bureaucratic tasks while combating racism!

The elites who run NBC have completely lost their marbles. Why do I need to think critically about race and food? Why can't I just have some pho or wings or Pad Thai or fish and chips, drink a beer and watch the Monday Premier League match at lunch?

Who is the audience for this podcast? The only group I can think of is people who are just like the podcasters - educated, woke, hip and utterly disconnected from reality. All the while they're working on their podcast, kids by the millions in single-mom homes are falling farther behind their peers who come from traditional families.

It's so detached from the serious problems of the real world that it makes me want to rant on and on and on. Don't worry, I won't. I'll just stop here before I go completely off the rails.

We're in the Windy City for a family wedding this weekend and, of course, we went to a tap room to sample the local suds. This is what it looked like.

They have lots of local, Midwestern craft beers at The Brass Tap in Chicago. All of their IPAs were horrible, probably because they were brewed without first critically thinking about race and hops.


Mostly Nothing said...

So I probably should listen to the podcast. Since I'm mostly Scandinavian, I'm worried if it is racist of me to eat Italian, Mexican, or Chinese food.

Ohioan@Heart said...

I was going to make a snide remark, but frankly the comments over at the actual site are way to good for me to improve upon them.

Foxfier said...

Well, you're supposed to inflict the comfortable, right? But about the only safe targets LEFT are people doing perfectly normal things in a perfectly normal, healthy way, so -- no food for you!