Sunday, September 03, 2017

Trump And Korea

Since I don't watch the news and only read the WSJ and Instapundit these days, I can only speculate on the connections that are being made between Trump's tough stance on North Korea and their H-bomb detonation. I'm sure there are plenty who are questioning the wisdom of getting tough and are pining for the days of cool-headed diplomacy.

An H-bomb takes a while to make. Like at least a year or something. I mean, it's really tough, harder even than beating the last level of Bubble Blast on your phone. That means the Norks must have started Googling "How do I make a hydrogen bomb?" prior to Trump winning the election. That could suggest to some observers that strategic patience was just about the worst conceivable idea and was a product of delusional thinking, the type you find so common in Ivy League faculty lounges.

On the other hand, embracing diplomatic solutions with countries that regularly chant, "Death to America!" or whatever it is the Norks chant, is the kind of thing that gets you invited onto NPR talk shows and to the best cocktail parties in the nicer parts of the Acela Corridor, so there's that to consider as we ponder the possibility of West Coast cities getting incinerated.

There are smart people in the Ivy League faculty lounges. Lots of really, really smart people. Much smarter than you or I. We might have suggested that it was a good idea to knock off the Norks before they got nukes, but that would have been wrong because we called them "Norks."

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Ohioan@Heart said...

You are right. It can't be Trump's fault. It must be Bush's, obviously.