Thursday, September 07, 2017

I Love The Deal With Schumer And Pelosi

... and I don't care about the details.

I need an easy post today, so reacting to the Trump deal with the Democrats to increase the debt limit and fund the hurricane relief is it.

The debt ceiling was going to be raised, so it's no big deal. The hurricane relief was going to be passed, so it's no big deal. Trump got them both with no muss and no fuss. He also cut the legs out from his lefty critics by dealing with their leaders. If there is pork inside or other unwanted details, who cares? 5 years from now we won't even notice.

The best part of all was that it was a 2x4 upside the heads of the Republican leadership. They promised to rescind ObamaCare and didn't do it. Instead, we got to watch "Maverick" John McCain prancing around in front of the cameras like he always does. What a creep. They've promised tax reform and have passed nothing. They had 8 years to line up legislation, waiting for this day and they had nothing at all ready to go.

I hope this hurt. I hope it was humiliating. I hope they are drenched in shame and nauseous with betrayal because that's the way we've felt for the last 6 months.


tim eisele said...

Yep. I've also been figuring that the best-case scenario for the country under Trump would be for him to basically destroy both parties as political forces, and he may yet accomplish this.

K T Cat said...

You know, they thought he'd be a normal president and they could keep playing their Kabuki dances. The Republican leadership would tell us all, "Golly, we sure want to rescind Obamacare! We hate the complex tax code! Blah blah blah" and we'd all eat it up. When it came to the voting, John McCain and Olympia Snowe and Lisa Murkowski would stroke their chins and talk about Hard Decisions and the Will of the People and bail out the Republicans from having to do anything substantive and risky.

The president would go along because he was one of them and needed their support. All would be well, nothing would change.

This president isn't one of them. They hated him and slammed him in the primaries. Now he needs things done and they can't pull the McCains and Snowes together to get anything at all, but this time, the president is perfectly willing and able to kick them in the groin and side with the other party.

Bully for him. I've hated McCain and Snowe for years for all their preening for the WaPo and grandstanding for CNN and PBS. Looks like not getting anything done finally came with a price.

Rose said...

I'm with ya 100% One. Hundred. Percent. On all points.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, Rose!