Tuesday, September 05, 2017

A Minimalist Stereo For The MGB

I've done the last installations for my MGB rewiring project. The relays (4 where there were only 1 originally) and fuse boxes (11 where there had been 7, no inlines any more) are both mounted in the engine compartment. All I need to do is clip and connect. A day will finish the project.

Last night I bought the stereo for the car. It has no screen and only two buttons and a knob. Check it out below, the mighty DROK 50W. It's a bluetooth receiver with a power amplifier, powered by 12V input from the accessories feed. It puts out a head-warping 50W of power per channel.

OK, that's not head-warping, but it's good enough for the Time Eater. I never have the top up* when I drive, so the road noise is really loud. The speakers will be practically in front of my face, so we don't need a lot of power or fidelity.

Everything will be driven from my phone, which is how I use the stereo in the BMW X3 I'm driving now. I never use anything but the Bluetooth connection, so there's no real point in having a tuner, CD player or all the rest. The DROK has an aux port as well, but I can't imagine using it.

Now all I need are speakers and a different center console.

* - In fact, I remove the top from the car completely. Like the French Army, it's annoying, it gets in the way and it accomplishes nothing of value at all.

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