Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's no one to Blame for the San Diego Fires, Only Lots and Lots of Praise that the worst of the fire crisis is over.

The fires are the fault of global warming, the war in Iraq, President Bush, FEMA, Blackwater and on and on and on, right?


I've lived here since 1977. Fires happen. Bad fires happen. It's not anyone's fault. You look out for yourself and take care of your neighbor as best you can. That's what we did here this week. The local governments did a fairly good job and showed that they'd learned a lot from the last fires. There was a tremendous outpouring of generosity and kindness from all over the county for those affected by the fires.

There's no blame to go around. San Diegans can be proud of how we handled this situation. I'm so proud of all my neighbors. What a great city to live in.


Kelly the dog said...

KT you are quite right. Drought and development created the problem we have today. Drought has been a problem in this state from its beginning. And previous fires didn't take down as many homes, because there were fewer homes in the ears. Unfortunately both sides of the spectrum are exploiting the fire to advance their agenda. Steven Milloy of is claiming that restrictions on logging are to blame for the fires. Clearly he is unfamiliar with the Chaparral scrub land that covers most of San Diego.

Rose said...

A friend's father and step-mother live in Fallbrook, and were among the thousands of evacuees. They have safely returned to a standing home. Her Dad commented on the effectiveness of Reverse 911 which gave them an evacuation notice with sufficient time gather personal items. And he was particularly impressed with 211 operator response, as well as 511 which provided real-time road and traffic conditions that helped make sure that residents were not driving into the fires.

Howlsatmoon said...

KT....excuse my lack of expertise here, don't have your email.....

You might want to post this...Don't know why, I immediately thought of you.

People=Staff, heh
Did that work?

K T Cat said...


Logging in San Diego? What would you make out of the, err, logs? Toothpicks?

Running off to help folks now. Apparently their property took some damage after all, but not the house itself.

Eric Ogunbase said...

I live in Santee and my heart went out to my fellow Californians affected by this. I'm glad that the loss of life was as low as it was. Property can be replaced, people cannot.