Friday, March 05, 2021

Defending The Capital From QAnon

 ... might be the most surreal thing I've ever seen in American politics.

I was tempted to simply bump this post today and call it quits, but the delusional insanity gripping the Elites is worth a few paragraphs.

What planet do these loons call home? A QAnon insurrection? Really? And we've got National Guard troops stationed in DC with walls and razor wire? I must have missed the memo. I listen to that white supremacist gay dude, Dave Rubin, most days. I can't recall him calling for a revolution and he's pretty tuned-in to the far-right extremist fringe. When I saw headlines from other media outlets saying there was "credible information" regarding an attack on DC, but I heard nothing about it from the mainstream conservative blogs and podcasts, it just illustrated how totally nuts the left is.

If you're defending your capital, it almost always means the war is lost. Digging trenches around Richmond in 1865 or Berlin in 1945 were signs that you didn't have long to live as a nation. When the rest of the country is crawling with enemy soldiers and your own forces are in tatters, that's when you erect barricades and barbed wire in your capital.

Here in San Diego, it was sunny and warm yesterday. I took the Catican Guards to play at the local public school, which was closed for the pandemic to save the teachers' lives. I couldn't take them to the local Catholic school because that was open for in-classroom learning, because our far-right, hateful, extremist, bigoted religion gives us immunity.

In any case, while our "leaders" prepared for a siege, we grilled steaks and drank wine with friends.

Our Elites are completely insane.

I'll close with a picture from the post linked above wherein I chronicled a white supremacist rally in San Diego.

The supremacists started their march here. You can't quite see how big the crowd was from this shot. It was probably a good 50% larger than it looks. I barely had time to use my coupons at Vons as I bought a week's worth of groceries, returned some shellfish that weren't fresh when I bought them the day before, rented a Rug Doctor and got a propane tank filled before I fled in terror.


Mostly Nothing said...

My wife's preschool as missed 1 week of school all year due to contact to Covid. The rest of the K-8 has had I think 2 classrooms out for 1 week each. The High School that I volunteer at has had students quarentined periodically, but minimal. Schools should be open.

The local geniuses on the Minneapolis City Council are doubling down on demonizing the police, and are questioning whether the city really needs the National Guard when the Chavin trial begins. And they have told the business owners they are on their own.

Meanwhile, the completely incompetent Attorney General is setting up the failure of the trial. He's trying to get Murder 3 reinstated, that was dropped when the charge was upped to Murder 2. The story when that happened that it was needed to be able to charge the other 3 officers for not stopping him. Additionally, at the time we were told that murder 2 and murder 3 can not be charged at the same time.

Minneapolis is going to burn.

One Brow said...

What planet do these loons call home? A QAnon insurrection? Really?

I agree this was very unlikely after they failed so miserably on January 6.

... but I heard nothing about it from the mainstream conservative blogs and podcasts,,,,

would these be the same ones trying to blame the Jan. 6 insurrection on antifa, or are they a little more grounded in reality?

Our Elites are completely insane.


tim eisele said...

"If you're defending your capital, it almost always means the war is lost."

I just finished reading Ulysses Grant's memoirs, and one point that he mentioned several times was that he sometimes couldn't get all the troops he wanted, because Washington DC was not actually that far from the battle lines and Congress wanted to keep troops back to defend the city and keep it fortified. Considering that Richmond and Washington are only 100 miles apart, and most of the Eastern Theater seemed to be fighting right between them (and pretty much on Washington's doorstep up until Gettysburg), I'd say both sides were defending their respective capitals for most of the war.

Grant's memoirs are pretty interesting. I recommend them if you are at all curious about the war.

K T Cat said...

Tim -

1865 Richmond - DC is kind of an anomaly because of their proximity. Also, in that case, Mosby's Rangers will still operating in the Shenandoah Valley and surrounding areas. While they were tiny, they were also bold. A raid on DC wouldn't have been out of the question had the place been undefended.

Still, there's a world of difference between Union and Confederate force dispositions in 1865, which was my point.