Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Artillery Pi

The Pi3 arrived yesterday. It was even faster to set up than the Pi4, but I attribute that to a faster WiFi connection rather than anything else. In any case, it's up and running with Apache web server and PHP on it.

As it will be used remotely, I bought a portable phone charger to power it. This one, in fact. Right now, I've got my Pi4 running a ping command every 2 seconds to see how long the Pi3 will run on the battery. The system looks like this.

Thanks to wife kitteh, it's a very festive Pi3.

I don't have time to test the camera connection right now. That will have to wait until tonight. Last weekend, I tried hooking the camera up to my Ubuntu server and taking a picture through that, but while the camera identified itself over the USB port, it refused to admit that it was, in fact, a video capture device. Like a pouting girlfriend, it wouldn't respond to the server and so I gave up until the Pi3 arrived. Maybe it will have more luck. If not, there are commands to make the Pi3 recognize it as a video device via the camera's unique ID.

This is fun!


tim eisele said...

Well, you know how it is with rabbits. You start with two, and next thing you known they are all over the place.

K T Cat said...


I also bought some soil moisture meters designed to connect to a Raspberry Pi so I could set up a soil tester that would give me feedback every, say, 4 hours. Think of the charts and graphs!

By the way, the Pi3 has been running off the battery for more than 6 hours now and the battery still reads FULL.


Mostly Nothing said...

The Pis are very efficient things. I have 3 Zero Ws, a 3 and a 4, in the house. I wish I would have bought a 4 with more memory. ESXi will run on it. I haven't looked at the new pico yet.