Tuesday, November 26, 2019

With The Fences Down

... the only thing stopping us from engaging in previously unacceptable behavior are the marks on the ground where the fences used to be.

I saw something on Twitter about Cosmo running an article telling women how awesome sex with your dad could be. There was an interesting conversation in the replies with not a few people asking, "What business is it of yours what consenting adults do?"

Or consenting teens with consenting adults, perhaps.

And there goes another taboo, trampled underfoot by the herd, some of whom want to make sure their fetishes are protected and some who want the adulation that comes with being non-judgmental. The old fences are down and the folks who used to be on the outside are now beckoning to the rest of us to join them. After all, there's no reason why not if you can't derive your morals from first principles.

That made me think about pedophilia and the trans movement. If it's OK to permanently damage children's sex organs through chemicals and surgery just because the child says they want it, why isn't it OK to temporarily "pleasure" a child's sex organs if the child says they want it?

A while back, I read a Jeffrey Epstein quote to the effect that eventually, pedophilia would be acceptable. If you can't explain why not, then it's bound to happen.

Jethro, I do believe that dilapidated fence isn't going to stop the herd running wild.

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Foxfier said...

They've tried normalizing pedo several times since I was a kid.

I think it'll be the next push, again.