Friday, November 22, 2019

Come With Me

Today, for the first time, my mom realized that she's dying. She's probably a day or so away.

As we talked, she asked me in tenderness and love, "Will you come with me?" She didn't completely understand what she was asking. She just wanted her son to be with her all the time.

As I teared up, I said, "No, mom, I can't come with you, but you'll always be with me."


ligneus said...

So sad. Yet to me you're lucky, my mom died suddenly back in UK when I was in Vancouver, I didn't even make it back for the funeral. It happens that that was fifty years ago today.

K T Cat said...

Prayers and love for you both, ligneus.

Foxfier said...


K T Cat said...

Love you so much, Foxie.