Friday, November 08, 2019

Evangelicals And ABC

Evangelicals, for the most part, acknowledged Trump's moral shortcomings and voted for him anyway. They were afraid of being slowly, culturally exterminated by the progressives. They thought that Hillary would have continued down the same path as Obama.

Perhaps ABC News scotched the Epstein expose three years ago for similar reasons, even though they acknowledged Epstein and Clinton's moral shortcomings. Maybe they were afraid of white supremacists being organized by Trump into ... the things into which white supremacists organize themselves.

Did both sides fear existential threats?

For my part, I have no idea what it is the progressives fear. I mean real things, not inchoate societal blobs. For the life of me, I can't find anyway to resolve their logical contradictions and overcome mountains of contradictory data like high school test scores. On the other hand, with things like the drag queen story hour stuff and aggressive pursuit of cake-makers, I do see an existential threat to Christians.

Doesn't that make the argument all about proving your hypothesis?

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