Friday, November 29, 2019

There Is No Great Conspiracy At Work

Instead, it's the Empire of the Lizards.

Lizards want three things: food, safety and sex. Their primitive brains are designed to optimize life for these three things. If we take those three and add in stimulants that lizards have never experienced like virtue signalling and drugs / alcohol, we get the Empire of the Lizards.

Several books that I've read in the past couple of years trace the decline of our culture to the invasion of postmodernist thought. That is, the rejection of Western traditions and beliefs such as Christianity in favor of secular relativism. I think that has a great deal of merit and was one catalyst for what has happened, but it was not a sufficient condition. A pack of academic wonkheads blathering in their faculty lounges can say lots of things and never launch a major shift in the culture. When they told us that we could all behave like lizards is when it took off. In fact, they told us that lizard life was morally superior.

Politicians, the media and the entertainment industry have done the same thing. Everything should be free and anyone who doesn't endorse your Lizard Life is a bigot! Each group is maximizing their own self-interest equations. It's not a conspiracy, it's a natural Lizard Alliance. They're all lizards, too and by making common cause, they can get what they want.

When we find logical fallacies in their arguments, we're only doing part of the work necessary to push back on the Empire. Douglas Murray points out in his excellent book, The Madness of Crowds, that if we're waiting for the Lizards to collapse due to internal contradictions and outright nonsense, we'll be waiting a long time. If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now.

Tucker Carlson suggests that the Lizard Empire's response is to silence you so that the contradictions and misery remain as invisible as possible. I find that quite persuasive.

I don't want to make this too long of a post, so I'll close with this. The Empire of the Lizards lacks structure and predictability. Who could have predicted a few years ago that we'd now be allowing sexual perverts to engage in child-grooming in our libraries and defend that so vigorously? The Empire is by it's nature chaotic as it is an uncontrolled mass of lizards. I think you could argue that in the end, chaos will lead to tyranny as long as that tyranny promises to make the general lizard population content even if it doesn't make them happy.



Foxfier said...

Not many folks are defending the library BS-- the thing is, they seem loud because a lot of folks aren't fighting back, they're flatly refusing to engage.

You set up a grooming operation at the library? Then they just don't go.
Sure, some folks have the same sort of emotional personal stake in fighting it that folks do in being "Daring" by promoting it-- but the other side will focus fire.
You catch their eye, they'll destroy you.
Especially if you're one of those best equipped to counter it, someone who agrees on 90% of the rest. You, as a heretic, will be destroyed.

Foxfier said...

*points at the massive blue-on-blue in the Dem side*

K T Cat said...

If you allow it to continue, how soon before it's shrugged off as no big deal? Is pedophilia a big deal? Is there an objective reference standard for behavior?

Foxfier said...

They keep trying to make pedophilia not a big deal. (Thank God, it's mostly failed.)

The problem is that responding to it is what the boundary pushers want.
That is their drug. Shocking the squares, even when the squares aren't shocked, just disgusted.
But then there's a secondary drug-- forcing them to be involved, anyway. Surely you've noticed the similarities between most of these exhibitions and old-school flashers?

The only way to win is to not be there, and the only effective way to fight is to mock them.

Which is why that horrible, ugly bully that was demanding some kid during a big rush address him as "Ma'am" vanished so solidly outside of being mocked-- because he was a ridiculous, ugly bully, behaving in a way that no lady ever would, and got justly mocked for it. (I've been "sir"ed, while visibly pregnant even. At most, it's worth a laugh, generally just a faint smile and pretend you never heard it.)