Thursday, April 18, 2019

Transgender Hysteria

I was enjoying some Tucker yesterday when I came across this video wherein Tucker questions a trans activist from the DNC. At issue is how the public determines someone's sex for the purposes of participation and benefits. I excerpted the section that illustrates a point I want to make.

The issues Tucker raises are ones that someone governed by logic would ponder almost immediately upon hearing that it's permissible for you to simply declare your sex. The best is the Small Business Administration set asides where women and minorities get preference when it comes to government contracts. If I can declare my sex then there is no way on Earth I'm not a woman when I compete for Federal business. I'd be crazy if I didn't.

The trans advocate dude, at least I assume it's a dude, has clearly never considered these questions. How do you get to the point where you're on national TV without having thought about this? What kind of world does he inhabit where no one asked these? A world of hysteria, that's what.

Check out his reactions when faced with them. He gets flustered and emotional and accuses Tucker of "having issues." Why not? That's always worked before. No one in his circle wants to be accused of damaging someone else's self-esteem. He plays the moral superiority card because it's the one that trumps all as far as he knows. When it turns out to be the three of clubs, he's completely at sea.

The trans advocate dude is just another cosplay hero. In this case, he thinks he's saving transgender people from hate and violence. He puts on his cape and mask and runs around all day playing make-believe and then he goes home feeling good about himself.

Meanwhile, trans people, being mentally ill and treated in the worst possible way with confirmation of their psychoses, are suffering and dying.

Not to worry, that's all objective logic and objective logic never pierces the bubble of the Secular Left. They're superheroes fighting oppression, you see.

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