Monday, April 28, 2014

Purple With Ice Cream On Top

Tiny flowers in our front yard. I left the original file quite large, so the image ought to be worth a click. Enjoy!
Since this little guy is in my front yard, I ought to know what it is, but I don't. I'm going to have to call my flower and gardening expert mom to find out.

Moms. You never stop needing them.


tim eisele said...

I'm always amused by flower clusters where the ones in the middle are a different color than the rest. Like the "Queen-Anne's-Lace" that we have around here, with a flat cluster of tiny white flowers - except for a single purple one right in the middle.

That said, I don't know what kind of flower this is, either.

tim eisele said...

Although, poking around for "small purple 4-petal flower", a good candidate looks to be Alyssum - it comes in both white and purple forms, and the purple form tends to have white blossoms in the cluster as well.

K T Cat said...

Bingo! It's Alyssum, alright. Give yourself a cigar, a Kewpie doll or giant Hello Kitty baloon!

Thanks, amigo.

tim eisele said...

You should call your mom anyway, though :)

K T Cat said...