Monday, April 21, 2014

If You've Got A Degree Then It All Makes Sense

We're funny people. We can live our whole lives observing things all around us and then throw evidence and experience out the window when someone with a degree from a prestigious university tells us something that, said by anyone else, would be dismissed as ludicrous nonsense. Feminists, for example.

It turns out that freezing your eggs in your mid to late 30s is a really good idea for women. That way, they can focus on their careers and still have kids later in life without the increased risks of birth defects from having children in their 40s. Brilliant, no? We know this is ingenious because people with important degrees tell us it is. Never mind what it would be like to try raising teenagers when you're in your 60s or what your social life would be with the other parents on the soccer team when you're old enough to be their parents. The woman with the fancy degree said this was good, so it must be.

Of course, if Jolene from Pine Ridge, MS, cosmetics saleswoman from Walmart told us this we'd reply, "What in tarnation are you thinking, Jolene? You ain't gonna find no man who wants to be having babies from frozen eggs when you're 45. If'n you wanted a family, you oughta have hitched up with that nice Wilson boy when you was cute and 22 instead of heading off to get that worthless degree from that Yankee university up north! At your age, you'll be lucky if old Blind John from the bait store down yonder will have you."

That's oversimplifying things, to be sure. The 45-year-old career-crazed feminist is going to have a lot harder time getting a husband than Jolene from Pine Ridge, MS. For one thing, Jolene would probably at least have a clue about men. The women in that article (at least the first page of it which was all I could handle) don't seem to have any comprehension of men at all. Dating in your 40s is pretty awful, but you can still find a gem out there if you try. Dating a woman who froze her eggs so she could focus on her career would seem like willful suicide to me.

When I told her I thought gender theory was total idiocy, she reacted badly.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Having babies is a young woman's game. Being pregnant in my late 20's was much different from having one in my early 30's. If a woman really wants both a family and career, it's best to have the family first. The career can wait. But that doesn't sit well with feminists.

Foxfier said...

Jeeze, KT, you're old fashioned. You think women actually need a man to get pregnant?

Sure, there has to be a male involved somewhere, for now-- but as soon as they figure out how to have a high success rate with cloning, then the women can have their little mini-me without any men getting in the way.

Ilíon said...

On the plus side, freezing your eggs when you're 39 so you can *finally* get serious about having that one perfect designer kid when you're 49 is just another way for deluded-and-selfish women who shouldn't have children (primarily because they *are* selfish) but don't want to admit it to themselves to hide from themselves the fact that they don't want to have children.

Ilíon said...

... by "on the plus side" I mean that most of them won't have children. Problem (mostly) solved.

K T Cat said...

I'm forwarding this article on to our sons under the heading, "Women to Avoid." Not that any man with a lick of sense needs the advice.