Monday, June 01, 2020

Coming Apart Into A Blue-On-Blue Civil War

In Charles Murray's excellent book, Coming Apart, he describes how America has bifurcated into two different places. One is inhabited by the Aristocrats, the elite, educated professionals. They have their prestigious degrees and they generally marry within their group. They have almost nothing in common with the Normals, people without prestigious degrees and who work at blue collar or service jobs, if they work at all. There is a dramatic cultural separation between the two.

The Aristocrats are overwhelmingly Democrat. It's a thoroughly blue class.

The riots over the past few days have been almost entirely blue on blue. It's the campus radicals and the blacks sacking cities run by progressives, starting in Minneapolis, whose mayor couldn't be more of a prog if he tried. And believe me, he has.

Dittos for the riots in Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Blue Aristocrats run them all and they are watching their cities looted by blue foot soldiers.

The reason that they can't stop the rioting is that, true to the thesis of Coming Apart, the Aristos don't understand the Normals. Not one, little bit. In their tony universities, like Minneapolis' Mayor Frey's Villanova, the students were taught about whiteness and privilege and social justice. They were taught the language of apology and contrition. They learned that the world was made up of good-hearted proles who only needed enlightened Aristos to lead them into a glorious future.

That world does not, in fact, exist.

That's why Democrat leaders, mouthing Democrat mantras about peace and justice, have failed to get these riots under control. Their allies in the media and entertainment don't understand the world of the Normals, either. Hence, suggestions by the press that this is the work of white supremacists and vows by Hollywood stars to bail out the rioters from jail.

I hate to say it, but as I watch this unfold and see how the blue Aristos still cling to their racial religion, I don't see any way this ends except in a splitting of America, along the lines of Kurt Schlichter's novels.

This topic is too depressing. Instead of posting a riot photo, here's a redhead who likes to drink at our bird bath. Enjoy.


tim eisele said...

"The Aristocrats are overwhelmingly Democrat."

So, are you saying that wealthy business owners and the "investor class" aren't part of the Aristocracy?

I'm considering "aristocrat" to mean "somebody who thinks they are better than the general population due to their wealth, fame, and/or education, and they believe that this gives them the right to tell other people what to do".

K T Cat said...

Charles Murray breaks the country into zip codes. He then looks at the incomes in each. The wealthiest zip codes, the top 0.1% are overwhelmingly blue.

K T Cat said...

He calls these SuperZips. Dig the WaPo breakdown of them. They're almost all blue strongholds.

Ilíon said...

I'm glad to see that you're OK, KT.

K T Cat said...

Thanks! You, too. We had some small rioting in La Mesa, as far as I know.

K T Cat said...

As for the Coming Apart reference, it came to me when I was skimming through the Minnesota leadership press conference on Saturday night. The governor, mayor, chief of police, head of the nation guard, they were all totally out of their depth. They talked about deployments and movements, but they didn't grasp that bodies weren't the answer unless those bodies were willing to get really rough. That's why they lost the police station to the rioters.

The leaders were unprepared for street violence. They knew how to apologize and talk about racial injustice, but they had deer-in-the-headlights looks when it came to how to control the city. Their universities hadn't prepared them for this.

Ilíon said...

Well, sure. But -- and this is the important part -- the rioters are their allies ... and their own sons and daughters.

Ohioan@Heart said...

The other reason that they did nothing (beyond not even grasping what needed to be done), is that it wasn’t happening in *their* neighborhood. Plus, as a side bonus, they get to posture and wail and rend their garments while continuing to play to their base.

Mostly Nothing said...

You have it a bit wrong KT. The Saturday news conference, they were starting to lead, and give the appearance that they were united.

Up until Friday, they were hiding, completely gone. The Governor would hastily call a news conference for 1 am. On Friday, he was blaming everyone but himself, especially Frey for the problems.

On the Friday (I believe) Garage Logic podcast (Apple/spotify/, they read a letter from a cop in the 3rd precinct of Mlps, from Frey. It detailed how they were to get all personal items out of the precinct. And they got mnay other things out too. Frey had delibertly sacrificed that building in hopes that it would pacify the rioters. You know, to get "Peace in our time". Results are predictable. I just wish there was some historical event where appeasement didn't work.

Something happened between Friday, someone started coaching them up. And they started leading, starting with Governor Walz. Frey is completely out of his depth, he has never been a strong Mayor, just an errand boy for the city council - star chamber. But he has been given his roll, and has memorized his speaches. Appears dazed. Mayor Carter's roll is to show indignation and "connect" with the good people because he is one of them. Both of these man-children will probably get re-elected. Carter is even weaker, not only does he have StP's city council pulling his strings, he has a "cabinet" of 20 people not doing any work for him. All 3 should resign.

K T Cat said...

MN, I'm sure they're discovering their spines, but they still have the problem that both ANTIFA and the black protesters are their team mates, ones they've cultivated at the universities and through endless shouting about racism.

They might solve this one, but by continuing to beat the drum of systemic racism, they're just teeing up the next one.

By the way, if there's systemic racism and they're the system, who are the racists?

Ilíon said...

^ Exactly!

Mostly Nothing said...

I don't know that they were finding their spines. Walz, maybe, but I think mostly its coaching, probably from the Major General. Walz is acting like the leader, Frey is acting like heartbroken loved one. And Carter is the same man with righteous indignation.

Oh, Ilhan surfaced, couldn't get George's name right, but was indigent about the racism.