Saturday, July 20, 2019

NYT: Jared Goff Stinks!

What with all of the articles, essays, news clips, talking heads and university classes telling us that America was never that great, I figured I'd apply their logic to a sports personality. Jared Goff, the QB for the Los Angeles Rams, is an absolute phenom.

To the NYT, the WaPo, CNN and the entire Ivy League, he was never that great. For example, in the third quarter of last year's game against the Arizona Cardinals, the threw an interception. Here is that play.

Just look at that. Look at it again. And again, but this time in slow motion. Then look at it from another angle. Bring in experts to discuss it. What went wrong? How was Jared at fault? Why did he make such a poor decision? Couldn't he see that his man wasn't open?

What does this play tell you about Jared Goff? To me, it suggests that he isn't very good. Some people, off the record, are saying that he sucks. He might be past his prime. The game could well have passed him by and this play is the harbinger of many, many more interceptions to come.

Let's face it, Jared is nothing at all like we were led to believe by the extremist Rams fans. When you look at history, when you see what he was really like, I think you'll come to the conclusion that Jared is not that great.

Left unsaid: The Rams won the game 34-0 and Jared threw for 354 yards and a touchdown. His passer rating for that game was 108.1.

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Anonymous said...

It seems in your world Goff can either stink, or be great. There is a lot of room in there. I would suggest Goff is not great, at least not yet. Most NFL analysts don't even place him in their top ten QB's. He was great during the first half of the season, the second half, not so much. He is very good when the offensive line keeps pressure off of him. Under pressure he actually ranks in the bottom ten.

Ah, but here I am as a secular leftist disagreeing with you, I must have one motive; to remake the offensive strategy and framework of the LA Rams in my own twisted Socialist/Communist/Fascist vision to enhance my power.

And in fact Goff is a very good QB. He may well develop into a great Quarterback, but he is not there yet, at least in my opinion. That does not mean he sucks.