Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Evidence That The English Premier League Is The Best League In Sports

I just finished watching last place Sunderland beat second place Chelsea in an absolute scorcher of a match. In the EPL, the bottom three teams are relegated to the league below at the end of the season and the top three teams from that league are promoted in to the EPL. That means bottom-tier teams have to play just as hard as the top-tier teams. With 3 more games to go, both ends of the standings are up for grabs.

Near the end of the season in American leagues, whether it's baseball, football, basketball or hockey, players on last place teams are typically thinking about golf tee times instead of playing the game. In the EPL, they're playing like fiends.

Imagine what the Houston Astros - New York Yankees series in late August is going to be like. I feel vaguely dizzy and nauseous just contemplating it. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see almost any of next week's EPL matches.

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