Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Adobe MAX Keynote

On Monday, I was lucky enough to drive up to LA and attend the first day of Adobe MAX. The highlight was Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch's keynote, held in the Staples Center. This year, Adobe is focusing on cloud services and touch devices. They are recreating many of their products to allow creatives to work on tablets. In addition, they have created a new cloud service which allows you to create, store, collaborate, share and publish your work on cloud servers.

Here's the opening part of the keynote and it's worth watching all the way through. Seriously.

There was lots of other great stuff at the conference and you can find many more videos here.

I showed this to my daughter last night - we watched it on our Google TV. She was wiped out, having just finished her hill sprints for soccer, part of her deliberate practice. I told her she was learning how to create things like this. By working to be the best she could be at soccer, she was learning how to be the best she could be at anything. She got it. Way cool.


Kelly the little black dog said...

I'm still not sold on the notion of clouds. Do corporations really want their documents outside of their control? Do i really want to be chained to a broadband connection to access my files? I can see it has its uses, but I really didn't like the trend toward forcing everything to be remotely stored.

K T Cat said...

They do. They want to get out of the IT business and hand it over to someone who knows what they're doing. Amazon is going great guns with this stuff. Small and medium sized firms are happily outsourcing their IT to Amazon.