Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm not Sure I get Much Crossover Traffic

My most popular post of all time by far, is this deliberate spam post about Hannah Montana. When it gets running hot on Google's image search as it did earlier this week, I get hundreds of hits per day on it. On Tuesday it was the #2 result on the image search and the hits came flooding in.

That's all well and good, but other than the glow of goosing my statistics (I crossed the 200K barrier this week) I doubt it does much for return traffic. I can't imagine that the kinds of visitors that leave comments like this:
i like u so much i read your book called rockywaves it is so cool i really want to go to some of yo concerts to see u in real life and so i can get yo autograph.... ttyl ttyl is talk to u later... bye bffl
have much interest in reading how Ben Bernanke's policy of quantitative easing works.

It's a humbling phenomenon to witness. All of the thought pieces I've put together, all of the analyses and commentary I've written is dwarfed by a single throwaway bit I did to see if I could get hits by repeating the phrase "Hannah Montana" over and and over again with an image of Hannah. It's kind of hard to lie to yourself that you have some intellectual impact in the world when you get 800 hits on Hannah Montana and 40 on economics, politics or theology.


Rose said...

Well, KT, an artist can make more money if they paint puppies and kittens than if they paint 'more serious' materials, but commercialism isn't generally what inspires them. :)

I think I found you by googling cats - but I read your observations on global warming back when not many people were questioning... been a fan ever since. :( Hannah Montana not withstanding. :)

This is FUNNY, though.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, Rose. The Hannah Montana thing wasn't a surprise to me. A Friday night stroll past the surf bars on Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach leads one to the same conclusion.

Instead, I blog for you and the others who stop by and leave thoughtful comments.

tim eisele said...

well, as John Scalzi puts it,
"Awards? Success? Fame? Perhaps someday they will be yours. But the fact is, nothing you'll ever do will be more popular than that online picture of bacon taped to a cat."

Secular Apostate said...

I thought Montana was a state.


Anonymous said...

Just think... has any other blogger combined Hannah Montana and Ben Bernanke in one post? I'll have to look at Lexis-Nexis later and see...