Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Facts About Fog

Today, the kids and I and one of their friends went whale watching. We didn't see any whales. Instead, we cruised out of San Diego Bay right into a huge fog bank. The fog looked like this.


As a special bonus, there was a fog expert on board who gave us a long lecture about fog*. Here, with a stylistic acknowledgement to Harvey and Frank J, are the highlights of her talk.

  • Fog is made up mostly of water vapor.

  • It also contains trace amounts of chromium, potassium and pancakes.

  • In the South they're called griddlecakes.

  • Fog migrates from the ocean to the shore every day.

  • Do not make any sudden movements around fog. If startled, it can deliver a painful sting.

  • Fog is not deterred by crosses, garlic or silver bullets.

  • Instead, you can ward off fog with some sliced mushrooms and onions sauteed in chicken broth.

  • Fog's only vulnerable spots are its eyes. If you have to engage in hand-to-hand combat with fog, go for its eyes.

  • The Spanish word for fog is La Jolla.

  • Fog has a symbiotic relationship with whales. It hides them and they sing to it.

  • Fog is more afraid of you than you are of it.
There. I hope that helps you the next time you have to deal with fog. We all thoroughly enjoyed our fog watching cruise. It was foggerific!

* - She may have been a whale expert from Scripps Institute of Oceanography, but I wasn't really paying much attention. I was revelling in the glory of fog instead.

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