Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Still Want Meg Whitman for VP

I posted a much longer take on this before, but I wanted to add to it. I've read elsewhere that McCain should not pick Romney because he's rich and it wouldn't do to have two rich guys on the ticket when foreclosures are so high. I totally disagree, but only if the VP is an insanely rich woman.

Meg is worth more than one billion dollars. She could buy and sell Romney four or five times. I think McCain ought to go totally over the top on this one and just jam the "hate the rich" nonsense right down their throats. Meg's earned every penny of it, created a wonderful product, eBay, and tens of thousands of jobs, too. Here's my fantasy quote from her on the campaign trail:

"My idea of accomplishment is to create wealth and jobs for Americans. Senator Biden and Obama think accomplishment is to talk about it."

Imagine the ads you could make comparing Meg's accomplishments with theirs. Joe Biden held hearings. Barack Obama hung out with racist and anarchist lunatics while accomplishing nothing. Meg led eBay to what it is today. Hmm. I wonder who's done more.


Secular Apostate said...

I like Whitman, too. Although I think Carly Fiorina is better looking. Besides, Carly might be able to work a merger between the US and some OPEC country. Mergers seem to be her -er- strong suit.

But I think Romney is a loser VP choice. I like the guy a lot, but a lot of the Republican base cares that he's Mormon. I'll take a Mormon for a neighbor, employee, or boss any day. I visited BYU in the 90's, and it was like Leave It To Beaver College. Pressed. Perky. No keggers, though.

And Pawlenty? Great guy. Good Republican. Excellent governor, from what I hear. You know, I hate to say this, but names matter. Could Adolf Schickelgruber have become Der Fuhrer? I don't think so. McCain/Pawlenty? Doesn't have that ring, that je ne sais quoi, eh?

Besides a woman would be a political plus. You get the appeal to the "glass ceiling" dead-enders staggering around carrying Hillary posters as well as someone nice to look at.

And there's the billion dollars. Yes, there's definitely that.

Is she married?

Rose said...

I like the idea.