Sunday, August 10, 2008

Me and Louis Prima all the Way!

Thanks to our Official Artist, we've taken another silly quiz.

You Should Play the Trumpet

You are a natural leader. You have a very dominant and strong personality.

Working with others suits you. As long as you're in charge, that is!

You are aggressive and strong in your approach to most things.

You feel like no one is as competent as you are, and you rarely make mistakes.

The limelight is where you feel most comfortable - and you'll take risks to get some extra attention.

You definitely would bring your own flavor to any music you were a part of. Even if it means being a little loud and obnoxious.

Your dominant personality characteristic: you're a showoff

Your secondary personality characteristic: you like to be in charge of other people

Wow. That comes out a little more bossy than I'd hoped!


Ohioan@Heart said...

I need to stop taking these freaking quizzes, or else start lying.

I'm a "trumpet player", too.

Way too close to home...

K T Cat said...

No, I'm in charge!


B-Daddy said...

Amazing, maybe trumpet is the only answer. That's what I got too.

Dean said...

Sorry to break up the horn section, fellas.

Sincerely, a harp player?

(Unfortunately, the stringed harp and not the Paul Butterfield blues harp)

DammitWomann said...

Hmm - I play the saxophone. Interesting........

rthmcdragn said...

just had to take the quiz; i'm a musician.... what a relief to find that i should play drums..... its my primary instrument!