Thursday, March 23, 2023

Our Household Lacks Discipline

 ... inside and out.

Starting in the backyard, we have these two bird feeders that the local finches, sparrows and doves frequent.

They look fine, right?


I have to fill the darn things two or three times a day because some of the little nimrods sit at the feeder and throw the smaller seeds down onto the ground so they can get at the sunflower seeds.


Meanwhile, indoors, our small, chubby Catican Guard is getting so flabby that she needs her blankets folded about 8 layers deep so it's soft enough for her.


ChatGPT Update

It turns out that ChatGPT loses track of the conversation after a while. I had a long thread going, playing around with vignettes for my novel and I asked it to give me a scene where Jimmy, the all-American boy who talks with 50's exclamations was riding in redneck Bobbylee's pickup and it gave me everything in standard English. In previous dialog, it had kept track of the accents.

It took a couple more prompts to get it right. Apparently, ChatGPT has limited memory and while it's building a model of your story, that model only goes so far back. Once your original character definitions get too far back in the chat session, ChatGPT forgets them and starts guessing.

It works great for vignettes and exploring story ideas, but it's not a true writing partner.


Ilíon said...

This is one more example of the truth that *no* AI (i.e. computer program) will ever come closer to being a conscious entity -- a person -- than being a clever deception for those who want to be deceived.

Mostly Nothing said...

Probably good you don't allow pictures in comments. Out back we have 2 poles with open bird feeders on top, and 4 hooks for more feeders. During the winter, we just fill the open tops, as the birds need to eat alot to stay warm. The squirrels can't get up there, but we put food on the ground too for them and for the rabbits. They can be a good source of food the next time the gov'me't shuts down our lives. :-)

Anyway, the snow out there is still 2 feet deep where we haven't shovelled. I did shovel a narrow path and a 2 foot square area between the poles to be able to get out there to add food. Between the squirrels and birds, there is an oval 6-7 by 4-5 feet of seed and sunflower shells, which is at least a foot lower than the surrounding snow.

As to the blanket. Gypsy required at least 3 blankets to lay on, and they must be smoothed. Truly she was the princess and the pea.

Big news, tomorrow we get our new cat. A partial siamese that a friend has but her other cat is just terrorizing. Her name is Blanchee and she's a rescue from the south (Texas). My wife's friend had always wanted to name a cat Blanch. I'm thinking Ms. DeBois. Our friend had got her in hopes that her other cat would learn to behave better and not be so lonely. But it didn't work. The other cat is a male and dominates her. She just hides. Being able to rule the whole house here we hope will be good for her.

Ilíon said...

Off-topic, but where else to link? This is a picture of something I just baked.

Mostly Nothing said...

Those look great. Making me hungry.

And makes we want spring to hurry up and get here, and get the cherry tree going.