Thursday, March 30, 2023

If You Allow Ugly Lesbians To Dictate Your Sexual Dynamics

 ... you end up in a bad place.

I've been using the AI tool, Chat GPT4, to write Arthurian fanfic, using Sir Thomas Malory's classic Le Morte D'Arthur as my basis, not the lousy modern retellings or feminist trash novels that twist the stories into unrecognizable shapes.

You can find Le Morte online. Here's Volume 1. Here's Volume 2.

In a conversation with GPT4, I asked it to give possible motivations for a lady who deliberately pitted knights against each other, something that happens all the time in Le Morte. Among its reasons was the assertion that women lacked agency in these legends.

That's insane. Dig this.

So turn we to the damosel of the castle, that when Alisander le Orphelin had forjousted the four knights, she called him to her, and said thus: Sir knight, wilt thou for my sake joust and fight with a knight, for my sake, of this country, that is and hath been long time an evil neighbour to me? His name is Malgrin, and he will not suffer me to be married in no manner wise for all that I can do, or any knight for my sake. Damosel, said Alisander, an he come whiles I am here I will fight with him, and my poor body for your sake I will jeopard.

That is the standard dynamic in Le Morte. The ladies motivate, the knights do. If it weren't for the damosel, Alisander would be at home, sitting on his couch, eating pork rinds and drinking beer while watching the LSU game.

To claim that the women in Le Morte don't have agency is to completely miss the entire point of the book. At the largest possible scale, it is the story of how Guinevere wrecks Arthur's kingdom because she's never satisfied with how much attention she gets from Lancelot.

Were it not for Guinevere, Lance and Art would be smoking weed, playing video games and comparing porn subscriptions. In what sense does she lack agency when she can get them off the couch and into the saddle with lances in their hands?

This sense.

This is the world as designed by ugly lesbians. They can't and don't want to motivate men to prove themselves for the sake of a woman so they create an entirely different set of sexual dynamics where women are supposed to want what ugly lesbians want - masculine achievement.

That's fine for the ugly lesbians. Seriously, what's the harm in an ugly lesbian wanting to be a powerlifting partner at a law firm? Good on ya, lass! Do that thing!

For all of the normal women, it's a disaster. They have indeed lost agency, but they lost it by losing track of their role in human sexual relationships.

Le Morte is a classic because it speaks eternal truths through fiction. Here's another tidbit. In this scene, Sir Tristram is fighting his mortal enemy, Sir Palamides, over La Beale Isoud. Tristram is getting close to killing Palamides. Isoud intervenes.

And there began strong battle on both parts, for both they fought for the love of one lady, and ever she lay on the walls and beheld them how they fought out of measure, and either were wounded passing sore, but Palamides was much sorer wounded. Thus they fought tracing and traversing more than two hours, that well-nigh for dole and sorrow La Beale Isoud swooned. Alas, she said, that one I loved and yet do, and the other I love not, yet it were great pity that I should see Sir Palamides slain; for well I know by that time the end be done Sir Palamides is but a dead knight: because he is not christened I would be loath that he should die a Saracen. And therewithal she came down and besought Sir Tristram to fight no more. Ah, madam, said he, what mean you, will ye have me shamed? Well ye know I will be ruled by you. I will not your dishonour, said La Beale Isoud, but I would that ye would for my sake spare this unhappy Saracen Palamides. Madam, said Sir Tristram, I will leave fighting at this time for your sake.

As the degenerate sex freak implies in the video above when he mocks women for lacking upper body strength, there's no way on Earth Isoud can fight Palomides herself. She's described in Malory as being as fair a lady as any in England.

I've always pictured her along the lines of Olivia de Havilland.

Isoud has agency. Tristram is her sword and shield. Isoud has agency in spades, including the ace, king and queen of spades.

How did we get to the point where the top AI tool in the world offhandedly remarks that women didn't have agency in Le Morte?

The answer is that we now use sexual dynamics designed by ugly lesbians. We tell our young women to pursue masculine achievements and tell our young men they suck when they try to be masculine themselves.

See also: Scouts, transformation of Boy Scouts into.

See also: Girl Scouts, maintenance of.

How's that working for us? 


That is precisely what you would expect to see if you allowed your sexual dynamics to be redefined by a small subset of your population that share none of your sexual desires and goals. Ugly lesbians are just fine, but we don't want them telling young women how to live.

If you think it can't get worse, dig this.

And so here we are. A thoroughly modern, first-world country advises children to consider sexual mutilation and poisoning. Chat GPT4, the most sophisticated AI tool in the world, the very embodiment of our understanding of reality, thinks that women didn't have agency in Le Morte D'Arthur. There's a mental health crisis among young women. Marriage and birth rates are falling.

While I know and love several ugly lesbians, I don't think they should be designing our sexual dynamics.


Ohioan@Heart said...

That graph is terrifying. Particularly so when one notices that it ends before CoViD. What must the data look like now? If we can’t get that fixed, all the rest is just whistling in the wind.

K T Cat said...

It gets worse.

As I understand it, it's all about the need to feel wanted, loved, cherished and protected. Social media lets girls in the 4-7 range see all the girls in the 9-10 range. The feeling that they can't possibly compete for a boy's attention is overwhelmingly depressing.

On top of that are all the boys taken out of the pool from porn and demoralization. I don't know about you, but it took me a long time before it was easy to ask a new girl out on a date. Girls were terrifying! Nowadays, in addition to the natural fear of rejection, you've got society telling you the girl doesn't need you anyway and you've got nothing to offer.


Ohioan@Heart said...

No doubt about it, as young man then, girls were terrifying. Luckily (more luckily than anyone deserves), I met Mrs Ohioan as a college junior, started dating her in fall of senior year and we were married 10 months later. I don’t know how the young folks manage the mine field these days. But then the stats suggest many don’t.

K T Cat said...

To discover the mechanisms behind that graph, it would be interesting to ask Mrs. Ohioan how she and her peers felt when they hadn't had a boyfriend in a long time.