Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Things We Do For Love

Cardinal McElroy, our room-temperature-IQ bishop here in San Diego, has written something for the similarly brilliant Jesuits at America magazine that has the perpetually panicked Rod Dreher's panties in a wad.

This essay in the Jesuit magazine America, by Cardinal Robert McElroy of San Diego ..., brings the dubious insights of Critical Theory to the life of the Roman Catholic Church. It is an astonishing document that lays bare the agenda of Pope Francis -- who made McElroy a cardinal -- and his supporters to radicalize Catholicism. This is something we all should pay attention to, even non-Catholics. The woke are storming the citadel of Western religion.

I won't quote it any further for the sake of brevity. Suffice it to say that McElroy exhibits the original intellect of a parrot as he repeats, verbatim, the arguments of the far left in favor of every sexually deviant act known to man or beast. To say that he's a creature of the Lizard Empire is an understatement. He's a turncoat who is trying to open the gates for the lizards to get into the last, great bastion of civilization, the Catholic Church.

The Church's teachings are built on three pillars.

  1. Observable, objective reality,
  2. The revealed word of God and
  3. Extensions of those two from philosophy and theology.

Let's take our teachings on human sexuality and run them through that machinery.

  1. Biology: All human life comes from the sexual union of one man and one woman
  2. Philosophy: That particular expression of sex is different from all others
  3. Bible: It's hard to find a case made for a sexual free-for-all

I'll give McElroy 1/2 of a point out of 3. He argues that it is an act of compassion and love to include LGBTQWERTY sex in the mix. After all, it's painful to live a life of celibate loneliness.

That's a fair statement and perfectly understandable. It is indeed compassionate. However, it generalizes to incels, involuntarily celibate people, of all kinds. 

If you've blown out your sexual circuitry with porn as a young man and cannot form a relationship with real women, that same logic says that the amateur porn of OnlyFans is perfectly acceptable, too. 

If you've got a satin fetish and you can't find a wife who will satisfy it, then there's nothing wrong with jamming your fat booty into a size-16 prom gown and dancing in front of children.

How about donkeys? Hmm. Maybe I should stop where I am.

Traditional, married families are a necessary building block for civilization. Yes, we can blow them to bits for the sake of love and compassion, but then what?

The best way to fight hate is to embrace love.

Also, you might want to carry a Mossberg 590M mag-fed pump action shotgun to deal with any excess love you might encounter.

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tim eisele said...

"He's a turncoat who is trying to open the gates for the lizards to get into the last, great bastion of civilization, the Catholic Church."

Perhaps, but I don't think that's it, exactly. I think he is a high official in an organization that he perceives as losing members, and he is in a panic about it. Since most of the power and wealth of the Church is critically dependent on having a lot of members, he wants them back rather desperately.

He thinks they are leaving over issues of sexual morality, because that's the story the Church has been pushing for many years -- that people leave the Church because they want to be free to be immoral without being chastised for it. And he apparently thinks that if he just "fixes" the Church positions about sex, that the people who left because they were considered sexually immoral will come back.

They won't, of course, because he's misdiagnosed the problem. Maybe some people leave the Church so they will be "free to sin", but I don't actually know any and they look to me to be a small minority. Until and unless he addresses the real reasons people leave the Church, they aren't coming back. And since the Church apparently doesn't even want to ask people why they left, they will never find out what those reasons are, and so will be unable to overcome them.

And meanwhile, he will continue annoying the people who haven't left yet with his poorly-directed and ultimately ineffectual flailing.