Sunday, December 11, 2022

If You're Against Human Sacrifices, You're Full Of Hate

This is self-evident.

Imagine this conversation between the Aztecs and the Catholic priests.

"You can't kill those people! Murder is wrong!"

"If we don't sacrifice them, the rains won't come. If the rains don't come, the crops won't grow. If the crops don't grow, we'll all starve! Why do you want us to die? Why are you full of hate?"

Cortes and his Spanish bullies swooped in and obliterated the proud, Aztec nation, putting a stop to good-natured family fun as pictured here.

Yes, I know, the conquistadors did a good amount of slaughter and mayhem themselves, but I'm noodling moral first principles these days. Work with me here, people.

The point is that if you replace the atomic first principles of Christianity with larger goals as your first principles, then anything, even human sacrifice, can become acceptable.

Don't worry. That kind of thing can't happen here.

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