Monday, October 10, 2022

Putin Is The Devil

 ... and that's why we keep allowing the bum fight between UKR and RUS to escalate.

A few days ago, the Ukrainians blew up a bridge between Crimea and Russia. As far as Russia is concerned, Crimea is part of Russia. Last night, Russia retaliated by bombing a bunch of Ukrainian cities. Absent international pressure on both sides to come to a negotiated settlement, this is an ever-worsening, Slavic death match.

It's a Slavic death match with nukes.

Nukes in action.

I keep wondering this: just what in the world are we doing? What is our national interest over there and how is it so great that we're willing to risk nuclear war to get it?

Our national interest is that we must get rid of the devil, the devil who defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. I sincerely believe this. Our establishment was driven insane when Hillary lost. I'm including plenty of reds in this as well. All you need do is read Jonah Goldberg and David French these days to see that Trump drove them mad.

Tucker put it really well.

Putin is a horrible person, but he's not powerful. His army couldn't make it 40 miles past their own borders without breaking down and falling apart. This is plainly evident to us all. If he couldn't conquer Ukraine, pathetic and degenerate as they are, then he certainly couldn't have affected our elections, either.

If Putin didn't throw the 2016 election, then Trump won because all the Ivy League swells in NY, LA and DC were rejected by the voters because they're failures.

No! No! No! Putin is the devil! Putin is powerful! Putin must be destroyed! He's the one who did it. He defeated Hillary. Hillary was a fine candidate and people would have loved her, and us by extension, if Putin hadn't poisoned their minds with a couple hundred thousand dollars of Facebook ads in a campaign where well over a billion dollars were spent.

We are walking towards the nuclear precipice because our politicians, the academy, our entertainment industry, the educational machine and our news media can't admit that they're failures. They have to cling to the insane idea that Putin is a threat to the world because the alternative is just too terrible for them to contemplate.

Our incompetent and degenerate military brass, after telling us that diversity is a force multiplier and then getting dusted by goat herders whose entire raison d'être is the elimination of all diversity everywhere, is only too happy to agree that Putin's enervated Russia is a threat to NATO.


Chuck Pergiel said...

Right on, dude. Stole the video.

tim eisele said...

I don't think so, KT. There might be a few die-hard Hillaryists with a personal grudge against Putin, but the vast majority simply see a country the size of Texas being invaded and forcibly annexed by the zombie remnant of the empire that was our sworn enemy for our entire lives.

One thing is for sure - all the countries that border Russia don't give a damn about Hillary, but they sure are all in against the Russians.

I am seriously puzzled as to what exactly you think "negotiations" are going to accomplish in this case. Russia wants to annex Ukraine. Ukraine doesn't want to be annexed. Russia isn't going to be "appeased" by anything less than at least getting some big parts of Ukraine, and Ukraine isn't going to willingly agree to surrendering any territory at all. Which is an understandable position for Ukraine, because the only way that ends is to be nibbled away over the years by Russia until nothing is left.

And if your only concern is to prevent war at all costs by appeasing the country that is using the threat of nuclear war as a tool of extortion, please consider just how well that sort of thing worked out for Chamberlain in 1938. You can bet that, at the very least, the Poles remember.

K T Cat said...

The Russian army is effectively gone. The Russian navy has been damaged and their air force hasn't been able to operate in groups larger than 4 aircraft at a time. Other than the nukes, they simply aren't a player any more.

As for negotiations, I would bet that if you traded the Donbas for peace, you'd get it. The analogy to the Czechs doesn't hold because the Wehrmacht was the premier army for its era. Appeasing Hitler with the Czechs left Hitler with the ability to rampage through Europe. Appeasing Putin with Donbas leaves him with almost nothing.

My problem with what we're doing is that we can all now see that it is clearly based on pure nonsense. Russia isn't a threat to anyone any more. Throw the dude a bone and move on with life. On the other hand, dictators with delusions of grandeur who get backed into corners can be unpredictable. He's got nukes. It's not like we're drawing a hard line with Zimbabwe here, this is a guy who can inflict tens of millions of casualties all over the world in a matter of minutes.

tim eisele said...

"The Russian army is effectively gone. "

Well, now it is, but if there had been a "negotiated settlement" back in February, their army would have been left intact and as far as anyone knew they would still be a threat to everyone in the area.

And if the Ukranians had been left on their own, without outside weapons from NATO, they wouldn't have been in a position to blow up the Russian army. They probably wouldn't even have gotten the warnings that allowed them to stop the Russian "decapitation strike" on Kiev. And if that had worked, then the Russian army would not have been exposed as the shambles it is, and it would have been sitting right there on the Polish border spoiling for a fight.

"The analogy to the Czechs doesn't hold because the Wehrmacht was the premier army for its era."

I don't think that's true, at least not in 1938. The Wehrmacht was effectively only 3 years old at that point (it had been massively built up starting in 1935), and at 28 divisions it was less than half the size that it would be even in 1939, when it was increased to 75 divisions. More critically, at the time nobody actually knew how all these new green troops were going to perform in combat. It is quite possible that as of 1938 they weren't actually much better troops than the Russians are now, and it was only the additional year and a half of preparation that made them ready to take on the Poles later.

Anyway, my point is not that the Russian army and the former German army are comparable. My point is that their intentions are comparable. The Russians were going to keep pushing and nibbling and demanding concessions and using nuclear extortion to get their way, until somebody fought it out with them. It isn't a choice between risking nuclear war/not risking nuclear war. The choice is between taking a risk now, or taking an even bigger risk later after the Russians have a chance to get more cocky and greedy.

K T Cat said...

What you makes sense, but to me, I want to prepare for the future and whatever the future might hold, Russia isn't a major force in it. As one wag put it, Russia is a gas station with nukes.

In any case, we know now what we know now and that is this: Russia can be dismissed as an empty husk. Stop waving flags and screaming about it already. All you're going to do is get someone nuked.

K T Cat said...

Just to pat myself on the back, I had this thing pegged in February.

Yeah, we might have tipped off Zelensky about the original attack, but Russia was never going to get very far. Our military gurus, if they were worth anything, would have known this from the start.

Ilíon said...

Would these be the same gurus who so clueless about the strength (and permanence) of the USSR?