Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Saving Bills

Because we like them as mnemonics, we prefer to get paper copies of bills in the mail for credit cards, utilities, insurance and so forth. After paying them, I write "PAID" on them and file them away.

Why am I saving them? Why not just download them as PDFs and store them on my computer? Better yet, why not just let the vendor store them? After all, we've got accounts for each and we can look up past bills any time we want.

It's finally dawned on me that I'm wasting time and filing space with these silly paper versions. I guess I'm just a bit slow.


1 comment:

tom said...

The online versions are only good for a year or so...can't compete with my 20+ year stash.

And when the zombie apocalypse happens, who's going to have tinder? Can't set fire to PDFs ;-)