Monday, May 30, 2016

Gender Equivalence And Dating

Update: This post was motivated by watching a few young couples have unnecessary disagreements due to neither understanding their differences and roles. I pondered suggesting that they read some classics of chivalric romance, but figured that wasn't going to happen. Instead, I wrote this post. Which none of them will read. Helpful, that's me.

A man should not criticize his girlfriend unless it's for something egregious. Women can be emotionally hurt easily. I'd heard that before, but when I coached girls' soccer, I discovered it in spades. The boys on my baseball teams could take harsh statements from time to time, but the girls didn't respond well to it at all.

Women should appreciate their boyfriends. A man's self-worth comes in a great part from the way his woman sees him. If she berates him or belittles his skills, he loses self-confidence. I've seen that in my own life and in conversations with friends.

If our kids are taught gender equivalence, then the notion that men and women should treat each other very differently will be learned at a high cost. Before even getting to the dating lessons of hard knocks, more hard knocks will be required to teach them that men and women are substantially different.

In related news, the Australian women's Olympic soccer team was annihilated by a boys' U-15 club team, 7-0. No surprise there to those of us who have dismissed gender equivalence as utter rubbish.
The Matildas are strongly fancied to give Australia's its best ever shot at a medal in the sport of football at the Rio Olympics in August. Perhaps they should be grateful there will be no under-16s boys' teams in their pool.

In a friendly match against the Newcastle Jets under-16 boys team on Wednesday, the Matildas were humbled 7-0. That's right, the team ranked fifth in FIFA's women's rankings were roughed up by a bunch of lads barely old enough to shave.
That being an excerpt from a Huffington Post article, the author is shocked at the result. "That's right, the team ranked fifth in FIFA's women's rankings were roughed up by a bunch of lads barely old enough to shave." Well, duh. If you've ever seen a scrimmage between men's and women's soccer teams, this result is no surprise at all.

You know, sometimes it feels like we're trying as hard as we can to make ourselves ignorant.

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Mostly Nothing said...

When my son was in 8th grade, 5years ago, the school boys basketball team was pretty average, and the girls team were fantastic. So good that they weren't allowed in a tournament for girls at a semi-rival Catholic school tournement. The boys were shown who was boss, by the refs as well (AD of the school). But that's another story.

There was a "mixed" tourney that the girls did play in, adding my son and one other boy. For height and physicalness. They took second place,

However if they girls played the boys straight up, it was no contest, the girls couldn't keep up or handle the ball for that matter as well as the boys.