Monday, February 02, 2015

Third Best Possible Super Bowl Outcome

The best two, of course, would be for Green Bay or New Orleans to win. Barring that, watching the Seahawks choke the game away in the last seconds to the soulless, unfeeling machine that is the New England Patriots was wonderful.

Watching the Packers blow a sure thing against the Seahawks two weeks ago, I must confess that my heart was turned to the Dark Side. I had told friends that I wanted to see the Patriots win 56-7, followed by Bill Belichick strangling puppies on live TV. Yesterday's game was even better, though.

The Packers lost through a series of insanely improbable plays. Watching Seattle come within 36 inches of winning through a similarly crazy play and then lose the game on an even more improbable one was not only just desserts, but a full 7-course just meal, complete with just champagne, excellent just wines and just brandy and just cigars in the Gun Room afterwards.

As Count Rugen said in The Princess Bride, "How marvellous."

Sadly for the Seahawks, the scene ends at the 1:05 mark for them.

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Mostly Nothing said...

So my top three Super Bowl outcomes do not involve wins for SEA, NE, GB, or NO.

Anyway, I just finished "As You Wish" by Cary Ewes. I got to watch the movie again now.