Friday, February 13, 2015

I Can't Tell If I Have More Or Less Respect For Paul Krugman

... after 9 years of daily blogging*.

Wednesday was my 9th Blogiversary with more than 6,900 posts here. It's a tribute to monomania more than anything else. I've only done a couple of Blogiversary posts and this one seems pretty hard to top in terms of what I'm doing wasting my time with a keyboard every morning.

The Krugman thing in the title comes from the fact that the guy writes the same column over and over and over again. Every tiny piece of data, every little news story sends him running in the same hamster wheel he ran in last week, last month, last year, last decade. What's even more impressive is that he's a Goebbels without a Hitler to idolize. Krugman is an out-and-out fascist, desiring nothing save more government control over the economy, but he lacks a Great Man to fawn over.

How does he do it?

Me, I'm bored with most of my old hobby horses. I trot them out once in a while and they still color my world view quite thoroughly, but I can't make every single post an examination of debt, traditional families, Catholicism or any of the rest. How does Paul Krugman overcome intellectual boredom? He's a marvel, that one. My hat's off to the old Reichsminister für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda.

If I did what Krugman did, the ever-growing tedium of it all would cause me to contract lycanthropy and I'd turn into a were-sloth.
Having said that, I've become completely fascinated by societal acceptance of sadism. How on Earth did we get to the point that sadism is beyond reproach? Talk about mining a rich vein of insanity! The only thing I can think of is that we now so worship sex that if you take any mental illness or social pathology, no matter how extreme, and add an orgasm to it, it's no longer an affliction, but a blessing.

I laughed writing that last sentence. Societal craziness is hilarious.

On to another year of blogging! Thanks so much for coming along.

* - OK, so I miss a day now and again, but for the most part it's been every day.


B-Daddy said...

Paul Krugman, blogging anniversary? I was wondering where you were going with that. Thanks for making me laugh.
At some point, it becomes useless to argue with Krugman. Better just to mock his statist mentality.

lee said...
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lee said...

I kind of like the New Yorker review (and I'm not usually a New Yorker fan):