Tuesday, February 17, 2015

And The Drought Goes On

...in Fresno and across the state.

Fresno, CA percent-of-normal rainfall from 21 Dec 2014 to 16 Feb 2015

  • A decent rainstorm in Fresno can bump up it's totals by 15-20% as seen from the 2014 graph. 
  • The two graphs together show there hasn't been a decent rainstorm since mid-December.
  • When I started this project, it looked to be a wet year. It's now another drought year in Fresno.
  • San Diego is down to 84% of normal rainfall, so SoCal is dry as well.
  • Wunderground weather says we might get 0.1" of rain on Sunday, but that's it for the next 10 days.
  • Ouch.
  • I'm doing something wrong in my use of the Google graphing library because it's treating the x-axis data points as incremental points instead of values. That is, if my database has the dates from 12 Jan to 18 Jan missing, it puts the points on the graph next to each other instead of 6 ticks apart. I moved back to date numbers instead of dates trying to solve the problem, but it hasn't worked.

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